Wednesday, July 27, 2011

best of powells

we just got back from our annual summer clark powell trip. it was lots of fun with lots of family (many of whom i didn't get any pictures of unfortunately).
 this was me re-enacting 127 hours, getting myself wedged in a crack
 grandpa showing the kiddos the "ratfish" he caught. 
 we spent a lot of time fishing but pretty much didn't catch anything.
 every lizard we caught this year we named elizardbeth. it seemed fitting.
 sean and meg reelin' in some fishies.
 the four clark brothers. what a handsome bunch. am i right?
 this is adam's signature nacho libre dive off the houseboat. it sure is a crowd pleaser. 
 getting ready to rip it up knee boarding
 some of our sick tricks pictured below. first, the high five then the smootcharoo.
 adam skiing
 a few of the gals
the water was higher than it's been in years. the weather and water was nice and warm. the company and food was excellent as always. thanks for the great times lake powell, see ya next year.

Monday, July 18, 2011

hot potato

adam's at scout camp so i joined my parents for dinner. i was sitting on the porch chatting with my mom when my dad came outside informing us that one of the potatoes in the microwave had burst into a flaming ball of fire and filled the house with a thick cloud of smoke. 
 now that's what i call one hot potato
as i write this all of our windows and doors are open but the house still smells like a campfire
now i know where my awesome cooking skills come from. kidding, my mom's actually a great cook. love her cooking, it's on fire, literally. i blame the microwave for this one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


last night adam and i took a ride up provo canyon and south fork. aside from the beach, the canyon is my favorite place to run and bike. it's b-e-a-utiful right now, all lush green and waterfall-ish. 
we stopped to take a picture right in front of the camp big springs sign. 5th grade camp anyone?

these crumby phone pictures don't do it justice. it really is breathtaking up there. if you're not taking advantage of the canyon right now, you're missin' out!

speaking of crumby pictures...we're looking to buy a new camera (in order to prevent more crumbiness) so if anyone out there has a camera that they love, please let me know what kind it is. thanks friends!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

fourth festivities

i know the 4th of july is old news but i'm always late posting anyway so here we go. we had lots of fun over the weekend of the 4th. tons of family time, fireworks, swimming and way too much food. 

we went to an owlz game. not much of a baseball fan but the fireworks afterwards were great!
 don't mind him, he's just showing off his yummy "hot dog"neck
 sitting at the parade, just havin' a ball.
 i loved all the fireworks this year! thank heaven they legalized all the good ones.
that's pretty much it. we're glad we're american :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the forgotten pictures

after publishing my last post i realized not all of my photos got uploaded and sad for adam it was all the pictures he was in. despite the lack of pictures of him in the last post, he did in fact go on the vacation with me, here's the proof.

adam favorite joke is the seashell vampire fang. gets me everytime!
peeking his head into pictures he doesn't belong in is his specialty
adam es mucho esleepy
once again, it was a fantastic trip. just what the doctor ordered.

greatest place on earth, i'm not talkin' bout disneyland

it's been awhile since i've blogged. i don't usually blog when i'm on vacation and i think i'm just in denial that i have to be back to my regular daily routine. adam and i took a much needed trip to visit family, run on the beach, relax and eat some amaaaazing shrimp tacos. we divided our time between newport and huntington, it was just superb! 
the first day was a little june gloom but sunny the rest of the week.
 got to see sister katie who lives in california and her boyfriend mike
i was in heaven and i'm already counting down the days till we go back in august and september!