Friday, January 22, 2010

poor poor adam

adam just had surgery on his foot a couple weeks ago. this summer he tore a his lisfranc ligament (betcha haven't heard of that one before) while playing flag football. after months and months of an ugly purple ball on this top of his foot it wasn't healing right so we went to see a specialist. come to find out he needed to have surgery so that's exactly what he did. the x ray looks like frakenstein's foot with a plate and about 8 screws, they had to fuse the bones together. so poor poor adam is in a cast for 10 weeks and on crutches for 6 weeks. it's killing him to be so sedentary but he's a champ and takin it like a man! he's also getting very familiar with the bathtub.

california trip

the week after christmas adam and i went to california with my parents and sister kk to visit my grandparents in huntington and my grandparents in newport. it was a much needed break that was so delicious to my soul! we had lots of fun shopping, playing scrabble and integrity, eating to our hearts content and spending time with the fam. my grandparents are the cutest couple, we love visiting them at their beautiful beach house! i ran on the beach everyday, PURE BLISS! much better than the treadmill i've become accustomed to the past few months. as always i'm the worst at taking pictures, but i managed to snag a few here and there. even though it wasn't terribly warm there it was so nice to escape the cold and wear short sleeves. anyone else ready for spring? i've been ready since november. we left katie down there to live with my cute cousin erica. we miss her lots!