Monday, October 31, 2011

party in the NYC

after 3 years of being lonely during the boys annual deer hunt, this year i got smart and went to new york  while adam spent the weekend being a man and shooting things. i went out with my parents to visit my favorite new york couple, brother chris and sister-in-law kimmy. 

here we are walking the brooklyn bridge. it was such nice weather the weekend we were there and this night had an especially beautiful sunset. 
 we spent a little time at the museum of natural history. after all the walking around the city i felt a little like that walrus pictured below, flopped over on belly, super beat. 
 my parents hadn't been to new york for 24 years (they told me that's where i was conceived and i told them that that was too much information) so we did our best to see everything! 
 and of course we saw a broadway play, mary poppins. it was my first broadway and i loved it! it was much different than the plays i've seen at the hale center theatre, that's for dang sure!
we had lots 'o fun in new york. thanks to chris and kimmy for letting us stay in their apartment and being our tour guides. also, thanks to my parents for letting me tag along. it was kinda fun to spend the weekend just me and the ma and pa, felt like i was a little kid again. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

murder among the mateys

every october adam and i make it a point to have a murder mystery party. this year, you guessed it, was a "murder among the mateys" pirate themed party. we ate dinner by candlelight and spent the evening accusing one another. it was magical.
everyone really did a great job dressing the part (minus shane) if i do say so myself.  jamie (bottom, right) won the best dressed award for her lovely pink dress and hat ensemble. 
 malcom's "costume"(below, left) was my favorite i think. he showed up in normal clothes and slowly the layers started shedding and eventually he ended up looking (in someone else's words) as a "gay pirate", with a scarf tied around his neck, a couple of gold hoop earrings and eventually, shirtless.
we stated from the beginning that someone would be walking the plank (diving board) after the game into my parents pool that hadn't been heated for about a month. 
poor jimmy was the victim because he was the murderer. however, eventually all the men ended up in the pool through some very aggressive tackling and wrestling into the water. some clothes were lost in the process, those pictures are not shown. 
and as always, adam laughed so hard he fell on the ground. the usual. 
thanks to all who came, we had faaarrrrrrrrrrr too much fun!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

girls will be girls

there's a group of us girls that all grew up in the same neighborhood, been friends forever. one of us (ravey baby) is going on a mission november 9th to washington state so we decided a girls only trip was in order to send her off properly. we all hopped in this giant, awesome sauce, white van and headed down to st george for the weekend.
this was just soooo kassidy, we had to snap a pic and make this our trip theme.
so much whoopie cake, a personal fav. we just went at it with forks, no plates allowed. oh and baby maddie, how cute is she holding her mama's legs?
our dance party pictured below. people were on the ground, using the broom to limbo, really everyone's best work. insanity. a trip highlight for me.
of course we hit up nielson's custard.
what a trip! we sure will miss our pal raven over the next 1.5 years. Our friend get togethers will not be the same without her but she's going to rock it as a missionary! for those who couldn't come on the trip, you know who you are, you were sorely missed!  

Monday, October 10, 2011

celebration station

i made a happy anniversary banner, you know, to celebrate our love. naturally, i made adam take a thousand pictures by it before we left on our anniversary date. little did he know that the self timer was taking 10 pictures at a time. it made for some interesting shots. 
after our photo shoot we headed out, weathering the awful storm, which was reminiscent of our wedding day. we ate dinner at sundance and then hit up the park city outlets for a little shopping. it was magical. great way to celebrate 4 years together. 

 if you're sick of all the pictures of just adam and i, i'm truly sorry. that's what you get since we don't have babies yet. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


today is the four year anniversary of when my bff adam and i got hitched.
 this is right after we became mr and mrs clark. just happy as a clam.
the jokes alone have been worth the trip. love you husband. cheers to the next four years, and every year after that.

Monday, October 3, 2011

bathroom: before and afters

i know, i know, this bathtub screams disgusting! don't judge us though, we had vision for the place when we bought it. i scrubbed this tub till my arms almost fell off, happy to say it's now pearly white and mold free!
there was tile all around the walls which we tore down. 
yucky old vanity
if you're wondering why half the tiles are black and half are tan, it's because the owners before us had put black tape over all the tan tiles. why???? who knows, it's a mystery to us. that was the first thing to go.
and after....
a few of the touches. new oval shaped mirror replaced the outdated medicine cabinet. we updated the light fixture and sink hardware.
painted the vanity, updated the knobs and added beadboard where the tile used to be. 
we also painted the yucky red walls a cool gray which we love combined with the crisp white.
and that's it! what used to be a nightmare is now a place where we feel we can get our "business" done in peace.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

make like a tree and leaf

yesterday we took our jeep out for one last hoorah before we put the top back on. we drove around squaw peak and south fork. the leaves are in full fall colors. GORGEOUS! the trees were so beautiful, i didn't want to leaf. wa wa. what a place to live eh?