Saturday, September 25, 2010


adam and i hiked timp last saturday for the first time ever and boy was it an adventure! if you've never hiked timp before be warned that it's freakin LONG! we hiked it with all the young men and young women in our ward and started the venture at 2 am. we hiked the whole way to the top in the dark and made it to the tippy top just in time for the sunrise. FA-REEZING, my teeth were chattering uncontrollably, i felt like those wind up teeth toys. the way down was so gorgeous with all the red, yellow and orange fall leaves. adam wants to hike it again next week but i think i'll wait till next summer :)

adam was wearing shorts freezing his butt off while i wore his extra pair of pants. yep, he was wearing shorts and i was wearing TWO pairs of pants. such a good husband!

we even saw some mountain goats which adam informed me was pretty rare, needless to say he was stoked.

look real close and you can see the dumpy shack on the top


earlier this summer, my mom being the clever woman that she is put together a spy scavenger hunt for all us kids (i was the youngest in the bunch and i'm 22 mind you). the first clue took us to the church parking lot where we did a golf cart obstacle course while smoke bombs and footballs were thrown at us (adam and i came out on top, boo ya!) second clue took us the the dollar store, third clue to this park where we battled it our laser tag style. the fourth clue took us to the sleepy ridge golf course where a briefcase full of spy goodies was found including fake money, passports, fake airline tickets, gold and so forth. the fifth and final clue landed us at cafe paezan for dinner. it was all great fun

this is jon's kill shot

at the dollar store picking out our weapons of choice. adam and i picked a popsicle maker and sidewalk chalk. we make terrible spies.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

spudman 2010

we did the spudman this year, our second time. it's for sure my favorite triathlon, we love going up to burley idaho to race in it. my pretend favorite part is that when you check in to the race and pick up your goodie bag they actually give you a potato. how awesome is that? this year jon(brother) joined me, adam, chris(brother) and kimmy(chris' wife) in the festivities and lisa(jon's wife) came along to be our cheerleader. my actual favorite part of the race is the HUGE breakfast kimmy's family makes us after we're done.

adam, jon and chris in the water right before the start. this is the time everyone has a nervous pre-race pee in their wetsuit.

setting up all our gear the night before

after the race...this smile is because we know we're about to eat blueberry pancakes

all the finishers minus chris

Saturday, September 18, 2010

summer trips

we had two fabulous trips to the beach this summer and two trips to powell. we spent a ton of time chillaxin at the beach, eating tacos, shopping and checkin out the us open surf competition. i wish i was back laying on the sand right now!

hangin at the us open

yep, this is adam every time we go shopping

checkin out the sunset at sunset beach

my only picture from both trips at powell and i had to get it from my sister in law. shame on me.

favorite thing to do is spend time in newport with the fam