Friday, September 23, 2011

california take two

we headed down to california again last weekend for jimmy and jamie's wedding. it was a quick trip but worth every bit of the long drive down! we all rented a beach house in huntington for the weekend and had waaaay too much fun for our own good!

we pretty much ate ourselves into a coma, played ultimate frisbee and cracked tons of jokes in between all the wedding events. oh and incase you haven't seen pictures or heard from others yet, the wedding was perfection!
as the buddies would say, "the jokes were ON". for a more thorough trip breakdown, check out emily's post.

Friday, September 9, 2011

crosby beach trip

we had such a blast at the beach with my family this year, as we do every year. adam and i got to stay down there for about 10 days, it was heaven. we also got to see chris and kimmy (who live in new york) and katie (who lives in san clemente).
we ate shrimp tacos at our favorite place, rode our beach cruisers to the wedge, hit up all the surf shops in town, played bocci ball and frisbeeon the sand, ran on the boardwalk, and pretty much just loved every second of it.
BIG thanks to mama debbie and papa greg for the trip and to grandma and grandpa alexander and crosby for lending their homes. we love you all!
i'm always a little depressed after getting home from the beach and this time is no different. the only thing giving me hope as fall weather quickly approaches is that we are headed back to sunny southern california next week for a wedding, hip hip hooray!