Wednesday, December 29, 2010

would you rather wednesday: spinach vs boog

would you rather...
always have a little piece of green spinach stuck in between your front teeth
have a little booger in your nose that moves when you breath?
 (poor lindsey, she just cannot catch a break!)

adam got a would you rather game for christmas so we'll have some goodies for 2011 but just in case you have a great would you rather question you're dying to ask, email me at and your question could be featured on a very special wednesday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

'tis the season of parties

we have attented lots of parties this holiday season and somehow i've managed to only take a few pictures.  with that said, here are some of the highlights.

-we got together with all of adam's buddies and ate a delicious meal at tepanyaki.  later we had a white elephant gift exchange and somehow we scored a $50 gift card to harmon's (does that sound like a white elephant gift to you? ya me neither.) i'm not complaining though, i was super pleased especially because the gifts we gave included dirty old sneakers, a jock strap and a christmas casette tape.

-at the clark family christmas party grandma beulah made us all our very own homemade fleece gloves.  we love grandma's homemade gifts!
 also santa made a special stop at the party.  "SANTA!!!! i know him, i know him!"

-my friends had a girls only pajama party with white elephant gift exchange of course, we do it every year. it was so much fun as always, i love my girls! i always bust a lung laughing when we're together

 whitney had a killer christmas sweater that she made herself!

 a little bubbly to celebrate good times c'mon!
merry christmas to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

would you rather wednesday: home alone

home alone, another holiday classic!  i quote this movie year round, an oldie but a goodie!  so, put yourself in marv and harry's shoes for this week's question.

would you rather...

get the top of your head blow torched
have a tarantula knocked off you with a crowbar? 

click HERE if you wanna see all the great home alone pranks.  poor poor marv and harry.

"buzz, your girlfriend, woof!"

Monday, December 20, 2010

festival of lights

every year the clarks all pile in the truck to see the festival of lights in spanish fork
 just to give you a taste...
 this year we squeezed 20 of us into 1 tiny truck (we really got our 5 bucks per car's worth) all in all it was a great time minus the chipmunks christmas music that played on the radio, they give me insta-headache!
gotta love christmas time!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

would you rather wednesday: da da da...the GRINCH!

adam and i watched this beauty last night and i have to say it's a major contender for a top spot in my all time favorite chrismas movie ever award! it's such a clever, funny holiday treat so if you haven't watched it yet this year, do it.  now.

would you rather...

pull a "dumpit to crumpit" and have to ride in the trash chute all the way to the tip top of the mountain, landing in a dump of garbage
have to speak in rhymes like a who for a full day?
(i'm thinking about doing my hair like cindy lou for christmas.  what do you think?)

we also watched the old school grinch this week, a true classic! adam quoted every word, sang every song and even hummed the background music through the entire thing.

a face only a mother could love.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

o christmas tree

we didn't want to spend the money on a christmas tree this year when we had this little gem hangin around.  this tree represents our longing to be in hawaii for christmas.  maybe someday.

we love our christmas tree!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

would you rather wednesday: elf

to contribute to the holiday cheeriness every wednesday's would you rather question from now till christmas will be taken from a classic christmas movie.  this wednesday it's elf

would you rather...

sleep across two elf beds all kinked up for a week straight


eat this jumbled up mess of spaghetti, syrup, marshmallows, pop tarts and candy for breakfast every morning for a week straight?

and now for one of my favorite clips

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

would you rather wednesday!

thanks to everyone who participated in last week's would you rather wednesday.  we thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's answers!  if you didn't get a chance to answer last week, we've got another question for you...

would you rather

be caught in a snow storm in freeeezing arctic temperatures

(my crazy dad after a morning hot tub)


be stranded in the desert in the middle of the summer?

i easily choose the heat, no question.  adam hands down picks the snow.  i guess we agree to disagree on this one. so what do you choose hot or cold?
(haha this last one is for you twilight fans out there)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


our conversation late last night as i leaned over to kiss adam goodnight

adam: have you brushed your teeth yet?
me: yes, why? do i stink?
adam: your breath smells like bologna
me: i swear i just barely brushed my teeth
adam: and then ate 10 slices of bologna?

this isn't the first time we've had this conversation before bed.  i thinks it's our toothpaste. so...if anyone needs a refreshing toothpaste, colgate makes a great bologna flavored one :) mmm

Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving festivities

thanksgiving was a great day filled with food and family, two of our favorite things. we ate two feasts, yep two!  we stuffed ourselves till our stomachs were content and then some.  i needed my stretchy pants and a nap.  thanks to all the chefs, we love our families and a good turkey!

 hot right?

 the greatest martinellis is the mango apple one...try it you will not be sorry! pure heaven

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

introducing...would you rather wednesdays!

introducing a new feature to my blog called would you rather wednesday.  every wednesday i'm going to post a would you rather question.  the would you rather game is one adam and i play quite frequently especially on long drives that we always get a kick out of.  so, please play with us and expound on your answer if you'd like, i think we could all use a good laugh

would you rather...

wear lady gaga's meat dress to your thanksgiving dinner


chug an 8 ounce glass of turkey grease?

adam says he would wear the meat dress (not a surprise cause he kills deer for sport) then eat the dress while dipping it in turkey grease.  happy thanksgiving everyone!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


newport beach california, between 10th and 11th street. my favorite place in the whole world. ever. i ache for this place on snowy days like today.

all winter long i close my eyes and picture myself in this very spot with the sun on my skin, the waves crashing in the background and the wind in my hair. i already miss summer so much and the snow has just begun. i'm in for a long winter. i wish i could hibernate like bears do.

Monday, November 15, 2010

a sleepy hollow-een

my favorite part about visiting new york was going to sleepy hollow the day before halloween. this city lives and breathes halloween! the streets were lined with scarecrows and pumpkins, all the street signs were orange and black with a headless horseman on it, the town's high school is sleepy hollow high and the guessed it the horsemen. this town was so historic, the houses were darling, the leaves were AMAZING and the cemetary was so eerie! sleepy hollow alone was worth the trip to ny.

mr clark, may you rest in peace

i thought this pumpkin man was robotic but as i got closer to take a picture he reached out and grabbed me, scared me half to death!
chris bought all our facial hair costumes. adam was a police sketch, me einstein, kimmy who knows what and chris was abe lincoln.
hittin' up the town's block party!

even their ambulances scream halloween

the headless horseman in the flesh. we went to a haunted spook alley and the blaze (4,000 carved pumpkins amazingly displayed) two attractions that were icing on the cake!

chris and kimmy- we had a blast visiting you guys, thanks again! we'll be back!(in the terminators voice)