Thursday, August 25, 2011

kitchen: before and afters

we bought our house about a year and a half ago. it was built in 1954 and had very little, if any, renovating done since, as you can tell from the before pictures...
these pictures were taken after we'd ripped up the yucky tile, before installing the wood flooring. 
after a lot of hard work we now love our kitchen!
we painted stripes on the wall entering into the kitchen
my favorite thing about the kitchen is it feels so light and airy, thanks to these giant windows opening to the front porch.
 we added more canned lights in the kitchen for added lighting
 the flooring we added matches the original wood flooring that we refinished throughout the rest of the house
 all the veggies are from our garden :)

we left all the cabinetry the same just painted it a fresh white, added new hardware and also added the beadboard (kind of hard to see in the photo) as a backsplash
more beadboard by the kitchen table. i knew i wanted a blue kitchen and we love the blue we chose although it is showing up different colors in all these photos. also, added some shelving for decorations, recovered the chair seats in a green apple color and painted the kitchen table gray.
 new sink and faucet
 our fridge and all appliances were replaced when we moved in, they were old and gross before.
one of our favorite places in the house, and not just because it's filled with food :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

gotta soak it up

i get nauseous when i think about summer coming to an end. not a fan of winter, in case you couldn't tell. we've been soaking up every last minute of summer golfing, hiking, running, biking, swimming, night walks...gotta get enough sunshine to last me through the year.

luckily our we've still got some summer coming our way including 2 more trips to my fav place on earth, newport beach. can't wait to meet up with the fam for 12 days o' fun! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

creamed carrots

the other day as we pulled into our driveway we saw our cute little neighbor girls calling us over to their sale. when we asked what they were selling they replied with "cweamed cawots" (creamed carrots) what the? um ok...i can deal with that, i used to sell rocks with my friends on the corner. how much? a dollar they said. kinda steep if you ask me since i can get lemonade for 25 cents on most corners.

 they handed us a dinner plate that was just raw baby carrots covered in mustard and ketchup. i've never had creamed carrots before but i'm guessing that's not how you make them. smelled disgusting!
since they gave the carrots to us on a plate they waited outside our front window while adam pretended to eat them and i slyly scooped them into the garbage and returned their plate. my theory is they had some leftovers from dinner and thought "hey, you think we can get some sucker to buy this?" turns out yes they can since they've got a couple of suckers for neighbors. the buck was worth the laugh!

Monday, August 8, 2011

pierre's hole

this weeked we headed up to wyoming for adam and his brother's race up in targhee. it was adam's first real mountain bike race, a 50 miler with some crazy steep climbs and he rocked it!

this was the night before the race we were scoping out the course, it was gorgeous up there!
here's my man right before the big start. i don't think he knew quite what the next 6 hours had in store for him... 
 he's the tiny little speck on the top of the hill
and here he is with his finishers beer mug (minus the beer)

 some dirt and scrapes and blood. so hard core.
sam started before adam did so when adam crossed the finish line sam was there to cheer him on. sam's a seasoned rider, he's responsible for adam signing up for these crazy races.
i should mention that his bike was a single speed meaning he couldn't change gears the entire race but he did it, all 50 miles and most impressive, he's still smiling!  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

55 and still alive!

my dad turned 55 years young yesterday. when he was born my grandma thought he was the most beautiful baby so her whole life she's called him "beautiful greg". who can disagree? i mean really, check out those cheek bones and that tan! one of a kind. am i right?
 we gave my dad a meat smoker for his birthday hence the pretend smoke by adam and hence the posing by a big black bbq
happy birthday beautiful greg! one year older but still a big kid at heart.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a wedding and a derby

last weekend we went to the wedding of our good friends tyson and natalie. regretfully, i didn't take any pictures but it was lovely as could be! great weather, great company, and they had a soft serve ice cream machine at their reception (genius)!

after being in salt lake all day for the wedding (with a viewing of cowboys and aliens to pass the time after the temple) then draper for the reception, we drove on over to heber to end the night at a demolition derby with our ward friends.
i'd never been to a demolition derby before, adam was lovin every minute of it. i'll admit, watching cars smash into each other over and over was more fun than i'd expected it to be. the people watching alone was worth the trip cause heber people sure knows how to par-tay!