Tuesday, February 14, 2012

surf city marathon

the first weekend of february adam and i headed down to sunny california for the surf city marathon. we were both really happy about our finishing times and for sure want to run this marathon again! the best part for me was that my time qualified me to run in the 
BOSTON MARATHON april 2013. i'm ecstatic!!!

 our race stats:
adam finished in 3:18 (average 7:36/min mile)
jess finished in 3:33 (average 8:09/min mile)

there were 20,000 marathoners and half marathoners running the race. craziness!!!
such a beautiful day, low 70's and clear skies! perfect for running
just soakin' it all in, i couldn't be happier than i was running in the sun on the beach. don't mind my pasty paste skin, haven't seen the sun in months so it was a sweet reunion.
 our wonderful cheering section at mile 21! they were the boost we needed for the last 5 mies. grandma mary, grandpa don, my dad, aunt doni, katie and mike (my mom taking the picture). they're the greatest, love them all!
he's such a stud. so proud of him!
me right after crossing the finish line. so. stinkin'. beat.
embarrassed to say but i had to spent a little time in the medical tent after finishing! ha. i felt like i was  going to pass out. at least i can say i gave it everything i had right? adam made me post this picture. worked over.
here we are with our awesome surfboard medals. i even got a surfboard plaque too for finishing top 5 in my age group. 
we had the greatest weekend. ever. it's always nice to head somewhere warm in the middle of gloomy winter and spend time with our wonderful family in california too :) 


Danny and Brittney Welch said...

I am so incredibly proud of you. I can't believe you have to wait till 2013 to run in Boston. That's forever! Your are inspiring. Love you.

Holly said...

That's so cool Jess! Congratulations on such a good time and for qualifying! That looks like a good marathon, by the beach and in some sun!

Cason and Marie said...

Jthis almost makes me tear up!! I seriously am so proud of you! What an accomplishment. You did it!!!! Love all these pictures. And congrats to Adam too! You guys are quite the match! Love you beaut! Xoxo

kaila sue said...

You two are so amazing! So proud to call you my friends! And I love that you did it together! Congrats, such a huge accomplishment, no go eat a doughnut!

Michelle+Ellie said...

wow congrats! thats so awesome!

Jessie said...

you are a rockstar!! seriously, that is so amazing! i would love to run a marathon...but i need to find some serious motivation first! congrats again!

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...