Friday, May 18, 2012

maui wowie

well i've pretty much missed blogging about the past 5 months of our lives but this trip was too great not to document. i've posted most of these pictures on facebook, but for those of you who aren't on facebook (grandma) here ya go!

we spent a week in ka'anapali with adam's family, adults only. adam comes from a family of 8 kids, all of which are married and there were 5 of the couples and his parents on this trip. it was heavenly, although we missed the other 3 couples.

we spent our time scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding, running, and eating. oh boy, did we spend a lot of time eating!
 i need to wear a snorkel mask more often, they're so flattering! don't you think?

 the water was so warm and clear and deep deep blue. gorgeous!
here we are all suited up ready to dive! adam's shorts hanging out a foot from his wetsuit. i even saw a baby shark under the water.
we really just couldn't be happier. i've been longing to go back ever since we got home. fyi, i'm not naked in the picture below, it just looks that way.
we walked through this little jungle about a quarter of a mile to a snorkel reserve. it was beautiful. i told adam i think it's where they filmed ferngully...or indiana jones...

could they have given us a longer board? no. the answer is no.
some highlights of the trip:
-the warren and annabelle's magic show in lahaina. it was so funny! they asked adam and i to help out the magician for the show and he ripped on adam the whole time. it was hilarious!
-snorkeling inches from a family of sea turtles, amazing!
-coconut flavored everything!
-fresh fish dinners, every night, it really tastes so much better when it's fresh
-renting a scooter and riding all around the island checking out the sites
-running on the beach

anyone who knows me well knows that nothing brings me more happiness than spending time on the beach with people i love. my idea of heaven. the trip was so relaxing it was totally worth the 1000 work emails i came home to. 

speaking of work, i got a new job that is so much better than the last one, thank goodness! i had neither the patience nor the lung capacity to teach p.e....i've worked there for awhile but of course haven't updated the blog :) it's a great running race company, check them out HERE


Caitlin Nicole P. said...

Jess you actually do look good in a snorkel mask! Looks like fun!!

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

So fun!!! And I must know where your cute yellow suit is from?!