Tuesday, November 29, 2011


because i've been mia on this blog machine for november i though i'd recap the month for you. here we go...

we've spent lots of time with family since adam's two youngest siblings got married this month! we got to see some out-of-towners (can, casey and kids) which was great, especially meeting candice's brand new baby landon.
first, sean and megan got married on the 4th in the draper temple THEN jenny and jordan got married on the 17th in the salt lake temple.
both weddings were amazing and beautiful and we are so happy to now officially have megan and jordan in our family (even though we already considered them family).
thanksgiving this year was with the clarks. dinner was amaaaaaazing and we stuffed ourselves silly. we had a great day until about midnight when adam started feeling sick. long story short, we spent our black friday in the emergency room so adam could get an iv and meds. it ended up being some really awful, no good, really bad stomach flu that only lasted 24 hours but left us with a hefty ER bill.
poor guy. nothing like puking your guts out, or watching your spouse puke their guts out, to make you soooo grateful for your health! 

we've been running a lot this month, training for our next marathon in california in february. although it may take a lot of discipline to get out of our warm bed when it's 30 degrees outside to go for a 20 mile run, i've secretly really enjoyed the time i get to spend with adam, when it's just the two of us, running together with no distractions for hours. he's the best running partner a girl could ask for!

it was a busy but great month. thanksgiving is always a great reminder to count your blessings and we do feel very blessed! i've been gettin my christmas craft on and now that our home is all decked out i say bring on the holidays!


kaila sue said...

Ragnar is going to be in Phoenix in FEB! Think it over...

H. Baum said...

love your christmas pic!

Brittny said...

Wow you have been busy!! ... what a cute baby!! Makes me excited to have a boy:) and POOR Adam!! I'm so sorry you two had to go through that, not fun at all.

I am not surprised that you two are training for a marathon in this weather, all I can say is A-MAZING!

And I LOVE your Christmas pictures! How cute are you!!